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Super speed for new strawberry labelling solution

18 Nov Super speed for new strawberry labelling solution

Super speed for new strawberry labelling solution - punnet labellerOne of New Zealand’s larger strawberry producers has made light work of its punnet labelling process.

Perrys Berries, based at the end of the Auckland Airport runway, has transformed it’s labelling from an 8-10 people manual operation to an automated process that can label up to 200 punnets a minute.

EQM’s Anthony Bloxham says the berry producer had been doing an online search for their labelling problem and came across the EQM website and the Dix Online Punnet Labelling system. They also contacted another strawberry packer who confirmed that they we using Dix labelling equipment from EQM.

“We went and did a site visit at Perrys Berrys and assess their label stock and assured them that Dix was the best solution for them. The manual way was messy, required lots of space and was labour intensive.

He says there were a couple of other important factors to the solutions brief.

“They didn’t want to add another conveyor system, they wanted the labelling to be done on their existing conveyor and the other was that the labeller needed to operate at varying speeds.

Lastly – they also wanted a dual labelling system – two labelling machines side by side on their conveyor.

“We’ve achieved everything that was in the brief. Better still is that it can operate seven days a week and there’s no downtime. If one of the labellers does break down, they can continue to operate with the other.

The Dix labeller can also manage a wide range of label sizes from 38mm to 65mm and the interchange is swift.

‘They’re rapt with the outcome and say the ease of changing form one label size to another is a real benefit.

“It’s also a very simple machine, so any minor issues are easily resolved by themselves.

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