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Rotary tables role reversed

10 Nov Rotary tables role reversed

The use of a rotary table has been reversed with the latest innovation from EQM.

Rotary tables are well known for their ability to speed up the packing process but EQM has found another use – as a way to sort products so that they can singularly feed on to a conveyor.

A food producer was looking for a descrambler so that a large quantity of pottles could be singularly sorted and then fed onto a conveyor to be filled with their product.

“We looked at reversing the role of a rotary table and we designed and re-engineered adjustable guides to feed the pottles onto a filler conveyor singularly.

“This provides serious labour efficiencies at the beginning of a production line.

Click on image to watch a short video.


The line operator can load up the table full of pottles and leave it to unscramble and load the line while doing other tasks.

The table can operate at various speeds and because the table is round – it has the ability to accumulate pottles if the filling process slows down further down stream.

Another model is now under development which is designed to fit between two processes and allow pottles to accumulate and unscramble on the same table.

EQM Rotary tables come in three standard types– punnet and package, fruit collection, and bottle and container tables.

From a design perspective the tables are simple while they’re also cost effective and are operated from a single-phase drive. Each is specifically designed for packing of particular products.

Bottle and container tables are fully stainless steel as they’re used in areas that need to be hygienic. Spillage is also easily cleaned up on the smooth stainless surface.

Looking for an innovation to optimize the production from your bottling line, talk to EQM today.

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