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Rosy outlook for flower importer

28 Mar Rosy outlook for flower importer

It’s all rosy for a large flower importer thanks to EQM creating a faster and more efficient system to automate the binding of bunches of flowers.

The flower importer was struggling with its very labour intensive process of trimming each individual bunch of flowers to the selected size and then binding them together with a branded sleeve.

The customer saw on our website a project that we had previously done which took a customer’s concept and adapted a standard conveyor design to automate a process and speed up production.

“We started at the design stage and were sent some sleeved flowers to show us the desired finished product and work out a way of holding them straight for passing through the binder. We combined drawings of the binding machine to a standard conveyor and began the process of working out the best way of completing the task,” says Anthony Bloxham.

“They asked us to come up with a concept, initially based on providing us with some pictures and production requirements and then they sent us the binding machine for only a couple of days as they really couldn’t do without it so we could work out the dimensions and the speed.

After presenting our proposal we refined a few details, confirmed specifications, signed a design and build agreement, received a deposit and completed the design stage of the project. Once the detailed drawings were completed, a final price was confirmed and acceptance of design signed off, we started to build the new system based on a N-Track hygiene stainless steel conveyor, with a special cleated belt and a trolley for the binding machine.  The entire unit was designed with wheels, so it could be moved around and all was manufactured from stainless steel, due to the customer’s preferences.

With a 3D model of the final design the customer could see what he was getting while construction and assembly was taking place.

We then had some fresh bunches of flowers and the binding machine sent to us for a few days commissioning. Some final adjustments were made to ensure that when the customer received the system they hit the ground running, just before one of their busiest weeks of the year leading up to Valentines Day.

The system has exceeded expectations, binding up to 2500 bunches of flowers an hour and has been so successful that they are now looking at an additional conveyor at the end of the system to provide further space for accumulation as the production staff are now struggling to keep up with the performance of the system.

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