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Reliability wins the day for chicken plucker

20 May Reliability wins the day for chicken plucker

Chicken plucker Pluck… pluck…pluck! Chicken processing plants around New Zealand are plucking more chickens without worrying about downtime from breakdowns to motors and gearboxes.EQM i-series motors

We wrote about one chicken plant last year, which installed stainless steel motors. One year on, they have been a huge success and the company has installed the EQMi series motors at another plant.

Another company has also followed suit and is using  the EQMi series motors for its plucking machines.

Plucking machines are pretty messy – just imagine feathers fly everywhere…

“These are severe washdown conditions which stainless can easily handle.

The motor casing is smooth, can be easily cleaned and with extra special seals can also resist the risk of water penetrating into the motor.

The clean up between shifts and change of products requires extensive washing down of equipment and the motors come under extreme strain from waterblasting so standard cast iron electric motors are only lasting for 9 to 11 months.

“We recommend the EQMi stainless steel motor as it can be fitted without any modifications,” says Tim of EQM.

EQM’s IP67 Stainless Steel Motors have been installed and they have fitted straight into position without any modifications to the mounting being standard IEC flange mountings. Even though the existing motors were 900rpm 6pole these could be replaced out of the EQMi standard range.

The major benefit of using stainless steel is the longer motor life meaning less less time on maintenance and downtime, and “it keeps MAF happy” by minimising the risk of contamination.

Stainless Steel gearboxes are also proving their worth and are being used on a waste conveyor line.

If you’re looking for an innovative solution and think that stainless could be the answer contact us today.

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