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On track with N-Track

03 Sep On track with N-Track


To meet the ever-present and evolving food hygiene standards EQM has developed a new conveyor system called the N-Track Hygenie Series.

EQM’s Anthony Bloxham says the new conveyor system was developed to meet FDA and USDA standards with specific attention to a client’s current requirements in preventing build up of food dust settling on food production equipment.

“We had a client that was looking for an improved hygiene option for its conveyors but we also knew that what we were going to design and build would be perfect for other food companies.

“We altered the profile of the conveyor to reduce the horizontal points that dust or any dry powder could settle and build up on.

All components are stainless steel including the internal drive drum which in this case was preferred over the external shaft mount options.

“We also used belt types that have no exposed fabric, they are instead sealed and easy to clean,” he says.

For this project, which was in a dry environment that is potentially combustible, EQM also installed special urethane anti-static endless belting.

The design of the belt conveyors is such that the product being conveyed is well supported almost eliminating vibration and reducing chances of damage to packaging and products.

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