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New conveyor for beverages

15 Oct New conveyor for beverages


EQM has designed a new conveyor for the moving of beverages and bottles.

EQM’s Anthony Bloxham says the chain belt conveyor, named T-Track conveyor is also known within the food processing industry as a table top conveyor or a ‘slatband’ conveyor.

The T Track is a popular system that enables products such as plastic and glass bottles, cans or pottles to be conveyed between points in almost any layout you want It comes in 2.4 metre lengths and the components are easy to maintain and clean,

It can be supplied as a kitset and is simple to assemble and put together on site by your team.

“We can supply it as a kitset with all the required parts and it can be easily assembled or we can do this, if there are space issues.

The T Track is mounted on adjustable pedestal legs. It is designed so the chain returns on the inside, making it extra safe to operate. It can be fitted with single or double glide rails.

“It’s also operationally very quiet, especially for these types of conveyors.

The T Track is the ideal type of conveyor to bridge the gap between bottling processes such as filling and capping, capping and labelling and bottle accumulation at the end of a line

If you would like more information on the T-Track, contact us today.

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