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Labelling fruit and vegetables becomes ever more important

28 Jun Labelling fruit and vegetables becomes ever more important


The Summerfruit sector held its annual conference in Queenstown in early June and one of the topics that resonated with us was the many reasons to label fruit.

EQM has been supplying labelling machines and labels into the fruit and vegetable sector for many years and has seen first hand the wide ranging benefits growers and marketers have experienced.

Fruit and vegetables have often been regarded as a commodity, a product that only experiences shifts in price due to demand – high when stock is limited (demand) and lower when its plentiful.

However, the likes of Diana’s Peacharines, Hinton’s peaches, Love Bite apples & melons are proving that they can stand out from other similar products, by creating an identity and realising a greater product turnover .

At the conference we heard of a range of other benefits as well as issues raised about poor product identification leading to confusion when it comes to the supermarket counter.

“We were told a story where higher priced unbranded fruit – such as peacherines – are being scanned and sold at the cheaper product price – such as peaches. The consequence is that not only is the  supermarket missing out, but the impact is likely to be more of a hit for the grower/packer as not only do they sell a premium product cheap but the repeat order doesn’t come through ultimately losing the next sale.

“They raised the issue of barcoding or identifying fruit better so that when it’s weighed in the produce department or at the counter, it’s entered as the correct fruit or vegetable item especially with the increase in self-checkout. Presently the supermarket risks selling the higher value product at the lower price, but the grower also potentially misses out on the sale because their product hasn’t been recorded as sold and then there’s also the risk of future sales because the product hasn’t been deemed to be popular enough.”

“I think it was a bit of wake up call for summerfruit growers and they can see the opportunity of creating a unique identity by using either a barcode or at least a PLU code to ensure consumers are paying the correct price.

We had a lot of interest from growers in the wide range of labelling machines we stock, but even more  interested to know about  the complete marketing package we offer from branded label design to print to supply and label application, whether it be by hand or online..

Why not give your fruit or vegetables a personality by contacting us today. 

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