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Labelling adds character and identity to fruit and vegetables

21 Jul Labelling adds character and identity to fruit and vegetables

Label design ideas

More and more growers are creating added value to their fruit and vegetables by creating a brand (logo) and in turn building a long lasting relationship with consumers.

The days of an apple or orange being sold in a supermarket without a label are becoming a thing of the past.

To make it easier to brand your fruit or vegetables, EQM has partnered with marketing firm Attn! marketing pr, specialists in product brand development to create branded fruit labels.

EQM can now offer the full logo development and artwork design along with the printing of labels to suit the Dix labelling machines we sell or lease.

“The consumer wants a stronger relationship with the produce they purchase. They also want to know the story behind the brand. They want to know where the fruit is grown, by whom and any other special characteristics.

“This is a huge advantage for growers as it starts to build a relationship with consumers, says Damon Harvey of Attn! marketing pr.

Attn! marketing or can take a design brief or help you brainstorm a name and then a look and feel for your label.They can use an existing company logo or create something new.

Summerfruit Conference (2)EQM attended the Summerfruit New Zealand conference in Napier recently and branded fruit was a hot topic.

Representatives of New Zealand’s leading supermarket chains were guest speakers and they agreed that the future for fruit marketing was branded produce.

They said the key benefits were in creating added value for fruit and the ability to track the fruit back to source.

EQM takes care of the printing of these special labels to make sure they match the labelling machines they also provide.

Anthony from EQM says the first step is to forecast the quantity and range of fruit types to be packed at each facility to then work out what is the best labelling system to suit their packing systems.

Dix Labellers have been successfully operating in packhouses throughout New Zealand for many years, with a wide range of models available including

  • Dix LB4-10925 Online fruit labellers
  • Dix LB4-10939-85 Punnet labellers
  • Dix LB7 Hand held labellers

EQM fruit labels are made of a special poly material to improve the label application rate and which is stable doesn’t deteriorate between seasons.

Another distinct advantage of poly over paper label is that it is harder to break under tension. The poly also allows the printer to produce thinner labels, which stick and conform to the fruit better.

So if you’re thinking about branding your product, contact us today

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