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Inverters go wireless

12 Jun Inverters go wireless

inverters go wireless - Neo-Wifi InverterEQM has added another exciting new product that was featured at one of the world’s largest international tradeshows.

EQM’s Anthony Bloxham attended the Motion Drive & Automation (MDA) tradeshow in Hannover and one of the smartest products he identified as useful for food production companies is the NEO-Wifi inverter.

The purpose of an integrated motor inverter is to save time and reduce costs in the installation, wiring, programming and optimising of an electric motor and inverter system, as well as reduce the chance of any danger due to errors associated with the operation of these devices.

However, before the NEO-WiFi was born, there were factors that limited the suitability of motor mounted inverters: Firstly the degree of protection from moisture and dust that was needed (motors can be installed out in the open, while inverters without extra enclosures could not), secondly the fact that the motor-inverter keypad couldn’t be removed from it meant whoever was operating it had to go to the motor to operate it. (imagine, for example, a ventilation fan that is on a roof).

This integrated wireless motor inverter has solved both problems with the NEO-WiFi having a patented, easy to use, removable control panel that can be used as a wireless remote. This remote is powered by induction when placed in its housing on the motor or by lithium rechargeable batteries when remote.

While possessing more advanced features than standard inverters, the NEO-WiFi, is designed as an innovative, competitive and user-friendly turnkey integrated system. The electric motor, inverter and remote control are designed for outdoor use being IP65 as standard.
EQM can now offer a finished “plugin” product, without delegating risky and costly installations. Customers only need to plug this in, wherever it is installed, and take the keypad with them if they want too.