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EQM visits largest international trade show

15 May EQM visits largest international trade show

EQM visits largest international trade showEQM is living true to its mission of sourcing the best equipment from the world.Anthony spent three days at the Motion Drive & Automation (MDA) tradeshow, which is part of the world’s largest tradeshow called Hannover MESSE, in Germany.Over 225,000 people attend this show to look at the latest wares from 6550 exhibitors from 62 countries.The MDA section of tradeshow attracts over 1000 exhibitors showcasing their products including existing EQM suppliers such as STM, ABI, DAGU and Challenge.International market leaders – and new, upcoming companies – use the trade fair to showcase products, applications and solutions.The focus is on product roll-outs and topical themes – for example, new developments in components and systems for automation technology, areas of application in wind energy (e.g. offshore farms), new trends in electric mobility, and much more besides.

Anthony met up with representativesfrom these companies and got introduced to some of their latest products and updates to existing models.

Overall Anthony said there was an emphasis on smaller and smarter electronic technology with wireless (WiFi) connectivity.

“The advancements in electronic technology from my last visit two years ago was noticeable – with smaller but smarter technology, especially wireless.
“Lots of electric motor manufacturers are reaching higher levels of efficiency with their electric motor designs. They can make a motor deliver the same horsepower but in a lot smaller frame size,” he says.

Wireless connectivity is making some headway into equipment and Anthony came across a speed controller for an electric motor that could be controlled by an operator up to 20 metres away.

What was also exciting about the product was that the battery for the wireless keypad was charged by induction.

“All you had to do was place the keypad it on the induction plate to charge – it was that easy,” he said.

Also noticeable was the effort some of the exhibitors go to. “The Siemens stand was very impressive and was being talked about by many while STM also went to considerable effort.”

HANNOVER MESSE 2013 attracted a strong visitor profile in terms of expertise and executive power.

One in every four visitors came from abroad – most from the European Union as well as from southern, eastern and central Asia. The Netherlands and China were the most strongly represented countries, followed by India, Italy, Austria and Denmark.
The HANNOVER MESSE visitor newsletter alone reached more than 500,000 visitors and prospects from around the world.

A new visitor service center in the Information Center (IC) hosted 17 international business delegations with 800 participants.

As for EQM sourcing new exciting products to benefit food manufacturers – watch this space as in future issues we’ll be revealing some of the new products that will be heading this way.

Watch this space!
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