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2017 – A busy year full of innovation and turnkey solutions

28 Nov 2017 – A busy year full of innovation and turnkey solutions

It’s been a busy year at EQM and we’ve worked with clients right across New Zealand. A lot of our work has been in the food processing sector but we’ve also provided innovative solutions for other sectors as well.

Here is a recap on some of our exciting projects of 2017 that you may not have had a chance to read.


One of Hawke’s Bay’s largest packhouse operations has installed a conveyor that has paid back its investment in super quick time.

The 30-metre carton conveyor has eliminated the need of a forklift and driver as well as improving packing efficiencies so much that it will recover its cost in one season….read more


It’s all rosy for a large flower importer thanks to EQM creating a faster and more efficient system to automate the binding of bunches of flowers.

The flower importer was struggling with its very labour intensive process of trimming each individual bunch of flowers to the selected size and then binding them together with a branded sleeve…read more


Ready to eat or snack products are a growth market and EQM has been involved in an exciting new food product that is set to hit supermarket shelves.

We’re not going to reveal the product but our involvement came about following the Foodtech Packtech expo in Auckland last year…read more


A fruit production line has had a modern makeover that is resolved a weighty problem.

The packing line used for a wide range of fruit – from stonefruit such as peaches and plums to pipfruit such as apples and pears has increased productivity substantially but more importantly eliminated the risk of under-weight product being sent to market.

Using the old system, staff randomly selected the packaged fruit to weigh and then anything under or over weight was manually rejected or adjusted to correct weight. The new system is now automated and has enabled staff to be relocated to other parts of the production line…read more 


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